Summary -

In this page, we describes about audiences, objective, prerequisites and the topics that are covered as part of tutorial.

Introduction -

HCatalog is a Hadoop storage and table management layer. HCatalog enables different data processing tools like Pig, MapReduce for Users. HCatalog exposes the tabular data of HCatalog metastore to other Hadoop applications. Apache HCatalog is a project enabling non-HCatalog scripts to access HCatalog tables.

Audiences -

In this tutorial, all the topics are covered with in-depth information and can understandable by anyone. Readers can be anyone who has a basic knowledge on Hadoop and java language.

Objective -

The tutorial is intended for the Hadoop developers who are having minimum Hadoop and java knowledge.

Prerequisites -

Readers who are having Hadoop and Java knowledge in addition to computation background can understand the concepts a bit easily. Reader without having Java knowledge may need to go through the topic more than once to understand clearly.