We have a good opportunity for people who are extremely good at writing technical materials. You can work as a freelancer or a contractor to TutorialsCampus with a good salary by producing high-quality and easily understandable tutorials.

We are especially looking for the people with domain knowledge on the below technologies -

  • Information technology
  • Java technologies
  • Big data technologies
  • Web Development technologies
  • Microsoft technologies
  • SAP technologies


Our goal is to provide a simple, easily understandable tutorial to the readers with all topics along with examples in the specific area.


  1. You need to submit a sample write-up of a minimum of 2 pages on the topic chosen to show your writing capabilities and send it to Us with the subject as "Sample Writing".
  2. Once it is reviewed from our side, we will send approval mail with the topics list/table of contents.
  3. We will ask you for the cost estimation and the tentative delivery plan.
  4. We will discuss the cost estimation if required. Otherwise, we will send a confirmation mail to start writing the tutorial.
  5. Once the tutorial is delivered to us, we will review the tutorial for the content and copyright compliance. This process will take a week time.
  6. If the tutorial had review comments, we will send them to you to close them.
  7. Once the review comments are closed, or there are no review comments, we will release the payment as committed.
  8. We can also release the payments based on the completion percentage in the middle if needed.


It can depend on the tutorial complexity, popularity, content, and the number of topics covered in the subject. We will commit the payment at the time of discussion. We pay only once for the delivered tutorial, and no other additional payments are entertained. Suppose the tutorial is delivered with good quality and completed within the specified time. In that case, you will get assigned another tutorial, or you can choose from the required tutorials list by TutorialsCampus.


Please send your profiles to Us with the subject as "Sample Writing" and a sample write-up for the specific topic by providing the subject as a topic name you want to write. We will get in touch with you immediately basis.


We always respect our technical/tutorial writers and encourage them to write the tutorials with their expertise.

We do not accept any copied tutorials from any other books, copyrighted sources, or any other websites. We will accept only the tutorials which are written on your own.

Once a tutorial is accepted and the payment processed by the TutorialsCampus, we has the complete copyright of the content. The same content should not be re-used anywhere in any manner, including sharing online or online publishing.