Summary -

In this page, we describes about audiences, objective, prerequisites and the topics that are covered as part of tutorial.

Introduction -

SAP BASIS stands for Business Application Systems Integrated Solutions. SAP Basis is a technology platform that supports all SAP applications that have low-level services like database communication and high-level tools for end user and administrators. SAP BASIS is the underlying system software which creates an effective platform for applications like Finance Accounting, Production Planning, Sales and Distribution, SAP EWM and other modules.

Audiences -

In this tutorial, all the topics are covered with in-depth information and can understandable by anyone.

Objective -

The tutorial is intended for the readers who are having minimum or no SAP BASIS knowledge.

Prerequisites -

There is no prerequisites to learn SAP BASIS language. Readers having the computation background can understand the concepts a bit easily. Reader without having computation background may need to go through the topic more than once to understand clearly.