Summary -

In this topic, we described about the SVG Drawing Hexagon with detailed example.

<svg> with <polygon> element used to draw a hexagon. To draw hexagon, we need to provide the x,y coordinates for 6 angles.

Attribute Use
points Specifies to establish the x and y coordinates. For Example- <polygon points = "30,20 290,30, 180,60"></polygon>
fill Specifies the environment color of hexagon.
stroke Specifies the hexagon stroke color.
stroke-width Specifies the hexagon stroke width.

Example -

Below example describes how to draw hexagon.
<!DOCTYPE html>
      	<title>SVG Hexagon </title>		
    	<svg height="110" width="300">
      		<polygon points="50 3,100 28,100 75, 50 100,3 75,3 25" 
 			fill="yellow"stroke-width="5" />

Output -