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In this topic, we described about the below sections -

What is Scrum Team?

Scrum team is a group of individuals who work together in order to deliver the required product increments. The scrum framework would encourage a high level of communication among the team members so that the team would -

  • Follow a common goal.
  • Adhere the same norms and rules.
  • Respecting to each other.

Structure of the Scrum

The Scrum team would include -

  • Product Owner.
  • Scrum Master.
  • Development Team.

Scrum Team Structure

The Scrum Team would share different roles and responsibilities that are related to the delivery of the product. Each role would be closely related. It would be better if all the members of the scrum team would work together as a group in the same location whenever it is possible.

Now, let us learn about the responsibilities of each role.

  1. Product Owner - Product owner is a team member who would know what the customer wants and relative Business value of those wants. The customer's values and wants would be then translated back to the Scrum Team. The product owner should know the Business case of the product and the features which the customers want. He should be available to consult the team in order to make sure that they are implementing the product vision in a correct way. He should have the right to make all decisions that are necessary to finish the project. Product owner would be responsible for managing the product backlog which includes -
    • Product Backlog items should be expressed clearly.
    • Ordering the Product Backlog items to achieve best goals and missions.
    • Optimizing the value of work the teams perform.
    • Making sure that the product backlog is visible, transparent, and clear to all and would show what the team would work on further.
    • Making sure that the team would understand the items in the product backlog to the level that is needed.
  2. Scrum Master - Scrum Master would help the team who are responsible to their commitments to the business and take off any roadblocks which might obstruct the team's productivity. The role of Scrum master is to train and motivate the team members. Scrum master roles also includes -
    • To ensure the entire scrum process runs smoothly.
    • To remove the obstructions that would impact productivity.
    • To Organize the critical events and meeting.
  3. Development Team - Development teams are structured and permitted by the organization to organize and manage their own work. The resulting teamwork would optimize the Development team's overall efficiency and effectiveness. Development team has the following characteristics -
    • Development teams are self Organized. The team need not be told how to turn the product backlog into increments of potentially shippable products.
    • Development teams are cross functional with all the skills that are necessary to create a product increment.
    • Scrum would not give any recognition to the team members regardless of the work that is being performed by that person.
    • Scrum would not recognize the developers regardless of the domains that are needed to be addressed like testing, architecture, operations, or business analysts.
    • Team members would individually have specialized skills and areas of focus but, accountability would belong to Dev team as a whole.