Summary -

What are Scrum Values?

Scrum was founded on five values that every team member would use to guide his/her decision making. These five values are so Critical in the implementation of a Scrum framework for product development process. They are -

  • Commitment
  • Focus
  • Openness
  • Respect
  • Courage

Scrum Values

Let us understand the values of scrum in detail.


Scrum teams should have commitment towards the work progress and should be flexible to accept practical objectives and bound to them. As this is a team activity, everyone in the team would be accountable to work together and to conform to your commitments.

This value would be expressed in three ways -

Sprint-based commitment

Sprint would reflect realistic goals and a short time duration to achieve the goals. Thus, the team should be committed to their tasks to achieve the sprint goals.

Commitment as a team

As a team, Changes should be welcomed and also represent the adaptability. Goals can be attained in smaller bits. If any issue is raised, team would gather and discuss with each other to come up with a tangible solution to handle the issue.

Commitment as an individual

As an individual in the team member, one should contribute as much as you could to achieve the sprint goal. This would represent your commitment as an individual. As an individual, commitment should be towards collaboration, learning, working software and following scrum values etc.


An iterative and incremental approach, timely delivery in Scrum would help in keeping us stay focused towards the project goal. Once the requirements are clear and goat is set, being goal oriented and staying focused would be an effective way to achieve the goal. This would motivate for quicker delivery, yield more and better. By setting more focus on a goal, there would be on time delivery and resource wastage would be avoided. Scrum values would leverage lower rate of risks and would provide ample of time to improve and deliver the needful.


Scrum induction would need openness and transparency. Team members should be open minded about their work, what they have learned, progress and issues they are facing. Also, everyone should be open to work with colleagues, recognizing individuals as individuals but not as robots. One should always be open to work with stakeholders in terms of abilities and orders. As a team member one should be open to share feedback and gain feedback from their peers too. Team members should be ready to work in any extensive conditions.


As a member of Scrum team, every team member should respect each other, their experience, and their decision. As an efficient team member, one should always respect diversity. Always respect the stake holder by not trying to indulge them in things which they are not really interested. Users have to be respected equally by resolving their problems. As a responsible team member, one should adhere to the Scrum framework completely and also the associated scrum roles. As part of the scrum team, one should respect each other's knowledge, skills, and insights.


Adaptability to changes would form a bedrock to any scrum project and to accept a change, courage is much required. Scrum is much about taking risks and finding out optimized solutions. Scrum would be allowed to think in different approaches to bring out the most appropriate and best solutions. So, to implement new things into the project, we would need to explain new ideas to the team.

If these five scrum values are adopted in a project, it makes sure that the basic scrum principles.