Summary -

In this topic, we described about the below sections -

Transport Management is the most important component in SAP system. STMS supports CTO for central management of all transport functions. TMS is used to perform the below activities:

  • Defining Transport Domain Controller
  • Configuring the SAP system Landscape
  • Defining the Transport Routes
  • Distributing the configuration

Transport Domain Controller -

The system which contains complete TMS configuration settings information. The configuration settings are distributed to all the systems and any changes to the configuration settings are also distributed.

Transport group is one or more systems which have and shares a common transport directory. Transport Domain includes all the systems and the routes in the landscape.

Transport domain controller controls the system landscape to manage the transports. If no Transport Domain existed in the system it prompts to create the new one. During the Transport Domain is creation, below activities occur in the background:

  • Transport Domain / Landscape / Group initiation
  • User TMSADM creation
  • RFC Destinations generation required, TMSADM is used as the target login user
  • DOMAIN.CFG file creation in usr/sap/trans/bin directory which contains the TMS configuration and used by systems and domains for checking existing configurations

Transport Routes -

Different routes created by system administrators to transmit changes between the systems in a system group/landscape are called as transport routes.

There are two types of transport routes -

  • Consolidation (From DEV to QAS)
  • Delivery (From QAS to PRD)

Transport Layer –

Used to group the changes of similar kinds. Transport layers are assigned to all objects coming from DEV system. The layers are required for consolidation transport routes. But not required to delivery transport routes.

TMS Configuration -

Step-1: Setting up the Domain Controller. Log on to the SAP system which is decided to be the Domain Controller in client 000.

Configure TMS

Step-2: Go to the transaction STMS.

Configure TMS

Step-3: Adding SAP systems to the Transport Domain

Step-3-1: Log on to SAP systems (to be added in the domain) in client 000.

Configure TMS

Step-3-2: Start transaction STMS.

Configure TMS

Step-3-3: TMS will verify the configuration file DOMAIN.CFG and propose to join the domain automatically. Select the proposal and save your entries.

Step-3-4: To be included systems status, still in 'waiting' due to security reasons.

Step-3-5: To approve those systems, login to Domain Controller System (Client 000).

Step-3-6: Go to STMS.

Step-3-7: Click on Overview -> Systems.

Configure TMS

Step-3-8: Newly added systems appear in the systems overview. From the menu choose 'SAP System' -> Approve.

Configure TMS

Step-3-9: The newly added systems approved now.

Step-4: Configure Transport Routes and Layers - We will discuss these topics in the further chapters.