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System monitoring is a daily activity to check the system activities whether the activities are performing correctly or not. System monitoring also involves proactive system monitoring of SAP system helps to understand issues in advance and take corrective actions.

System monitoring increases the system performance and profitability of the business organisation. Some of the System Monitoring Task are -

  • ABAP Dump Analysis.
  • Buffer Statistics.
  • Checking Application Servers.
  • CPU Utilization.
  • Database available space.
  • Database Check.
  • Database Performance Monitor.
  • Monitoring Application Users.
  • Monitoring Batch Jobs.
  • Monitoring Lock Entries.
  • Monitoring System Log.
  • Monitoring System-wide Work Processes.
  • Monitoring Update Processes.
  • Monitoring Individual Instances Work Processes.
  • Number of Print Requests.
  • Spool Request Monitoring.

Daily Monitoring tasks -

DB02Database Growth Missing Indexes.
DB12Check that daily backup executed without errors.
DB13Database Statistics log.
SM12Check for “old” locks.
SM13Look for any failed updates.
SM21Check system log.
SM37Review for canceled jobs.
Check job log.
SM50Check work processes.
SM51Check that all application servers are up.
SM66Global Work Process overview.
SP01Check for spool problems.
ST02Review buffer statistics.
ST04Review error log for problems.
ST22Review and resolve dumps.