Summary -

In this topic, we described about the below sections -

SAP BASIS stands for Business Application Systems Integrated Solutions. SAP BASIS is a technology platform that supports all SAP applications.

SAP applications have low-level services like database communication and high-level tools for end user and administrators.

BASIS is a group of middleware programs and tools from SAP that are acts as an interface between database, OS and applications like FI, MM etc.

SAP BASIS is the underlying system software that creates an effective platform for applications like Finance Accounting, Production Planning, Sales and Distribution, SAP EWM and other modules.

SAP BASIS is typically a middleware program that connects the gap between the SAP architecture, network and operating system. SAP BASIS consist of RDBMS, GUI, CCMS and other powerful components for system administration.

The SAP Basic Component is the root of the SAP Applications, ERP software and contains CCMS (Computer Centre Management System) requires for system administration.

SAP BASIS refers to the management of SAP system activities like installation, configuration, load balancing and performance of SAP applications running on Java and SAP ABAP.

It provides the runtime environment for the rest of R/3 Applications. It is a interface definition in between BASIS and system components, user/system administration, data dictionary and a development platform for SAP based applications.

Features -

SAP Basis has several features such as -

  • Database administration – focuses on the administration of the various applications functionalities by monitoring the system using database.
  • System administration – acts as an interface between the Basis components and system components, emphasizing on the development platform and data dictionary.
  • User Administration – Provides the various tools that are useful to help the users to manage the activities like configuration, installation, up-gradation, trouble-shooting etc.
  • Security Administration – Maintains the SAP systems security by integrating the authorization module that protects the system from potential breaches, data corruption etc.
  • Client-Server Architecture – Uses the real-time SAP R/3 architecture. These various layers have specific features that allow for the functioning of the SAP applications.
  • SAP GUI – Defines the graphical user interface (GUI) components of the system. The widely used interfaces that are – GUI for Windows, GUI for Java and GUI for HTML.

Tasks & Functionalities -

SAP Basis can handle the belwo tasks and functionalities -

  • Authorization and profile management using tools to make sure all users have the proper access rights.
  • Business server pages to build online stores and portals.
  • Install and configure all SAP systems and applications.
  • CCMS (Computing Centre Management System) to monitor alerts of R/3 system from one place.
  • Client-server architecture and configuration.
  • Database monitoring and administration using utilities.
  • Graphical User Interface designing for the presentation layer.
  • Resource management.
  • Backup and restore data.
  • Performance tuning.
  • Troubleshooting problems.
  • Manages batch jobs.
  • Server-side scripting in ABAP and JavaScript.
  • System monitoring and administration using tools.
  • Configure SAP's transportation management system (TMS).
  • Manages transports.
  • Running and manages background jobs.
  • Install and configure printers and other devices.
  • Setup operation modes.

Basis components -

SAP Basis components are -

  • Client/server architecture and configuration.
  • A relational database management system (RDBMS).
  • A graphical user interface (GUI).
  • A development environment.
  • A data dictionary.
  • User and system administration and monitoring tools.

Consultant Roles and Responsibilities -

SAP Basis consultant have many responsiblities. Some of them are specified below -

  • Handling the day-to-day running of the SAP Applications.
  • Monitoring SAP application server, ABAP dump, and system log analysis.
  • SAP license maintenance.
  • Maintaining Database, Database backup schedule and restore.
  • Performance tuning.
  • Provides technical support in installation, up gradation, configuration, resolve issues.
  • SAP landscape, transport management system installations, etc.
  • Monitoring and vvaluating the interfaces between SAP and external systems.
  • Client administration activities (create, copy, deletion etc,).
  • User administration activities (create, assign roles, locking and unlocking etc,).
  • Monitoring, schedulng and deleting background jobs.
  • Profile and operation mode maintenance.
  • Applying support patches, upgrading and installing add-ons.
  • System copy, System refresh, etc.
  • Analyze, develop and maintain data architectures and process models.
  • Handling the migration of SAP database and applications into production.
  • Develops system documentation for all SAP functions and interfaces etc.