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Client export/import used instead of remote client copy if the database is large. System has enough space in file system to perform the client export.

Client Export in source system -

Client Export used to export client from current system to different system when the database size is large. SCC8 transaction is used to copy the client between the different instances.

Step-1: Go to SCC8 transaction.

Import/Export Client

Step-2: Select the Selected Profile and the Target System from the list. Click on Schedule as Background Job.

Import/Export Client

Step-3: Set as Immediately and click Schedule Job.


Step-4: Click on Continue once the information verified.

Import/Export Client

Step-5: Three transport requests are created depending on the selected copy profile and the existing data. The format for the transport request name specified below.

  • <sid>KO<no> : cross-client data
  • <sid>KT<no> : client-specific data
  • <sid>KX<no> : texts and forms

Click on the right mark to complete the export.

Import/Export Client

Note that do not run any other client copy tool before the data export is finished. You can check the status of the export with the transaction SE01.

Step-6: The below message displayed once the background job for SCC8 successfully scheduled. Refer the transaction code SCC3 to display the log.

Import/Export Client

Import in target client -

Step-1: Logon to the target client and go to SCC3 to verify the log. Choose Export option to check the status of the export job.

Import/Export Client Import/Export Client Import/Export Client Import/Export Client Import/Export Client

Step-2: Go to STMS.

Import/Export Client

Step-3: Highlight the transport request for client exports and choose the lorry icon to import overview to continue.

Import/Export Client

Step-4: Choose one of the transport requests of the client import/export in the Transport Management System (TMS).

The other transport requests belonging to the same client import/export are automatically added in the correct order.

Import/Export Client

Step-5: After an import, run the client import post processing in transaction code SCC7.

Post processing activities should perform to adapt the runtime environment to the current state of the data. Client import post processing necessary always and must be performed in the target client after the import of the transport requests.