Summary -

Unlocking user is for activating the users from temporary deactivation. >Once the user unlocked, the user can able to access the system normally.

Users can be unlocked in 2 ways: -

  • Automatically
  • Manually

Automatically -

The users get unlocked automatically in the below way.

  • Auto unlock time: - If the user locked due to unsuccessful logins, those kinds of users will get unlocked at midnight cycle in some systems.
  • login/failed_user_auto_unlock: - defines the unsuccessful logon attempts should be automatically removed at midnight or not.

Manually -

User can lock manually in two ways -

  • Unlock single user (SU01)
  • Unlock multiple user (SU10)

Process to unlock single user -

Step-1: Go to SU01 transaction.

Unlock User

Step-2: It navigates to the “user maintenance: Initial Screen”. Enter the username which is to unlock and click on lock/unlock icon.

Unlock User

Step-3: It displays the lock status in the dialog box along with unlock icon. Click on unlock icon to unlock the user.

Unlock User

Step-4: Verify the status bar message for user successful unlock.

Unlock User

Process to unlock multiple users -

Step-1: Go to SU10 transaction.

Unlock User

Step-2: It navigates to the “user maintenance: Mass changes Initial Screen”. Enter the usernames which are planning to unlock and click on unlock icon.

Unlock User

Step-3: If all listed users got unlocked successfully it displays the below messages.

Unlock User