System landscape is an arrangement for the servers. SAP System landscape is the group of servers installed and all servers are linked to different transport routes to main system.

IDES server is purely for education purpose and not included in any landscape. System landscape may vary from business company to business company.

SAP Architecture is different from SAP landscape. SAP architecture is a technology framework that can be changed from time to time unlike the SAP landscape can’t be changed. System landscape established through various levels of SAP project implementation.

System levels in SAP project implementation -

A request flows from development to production in the below way.


  1. Development - is where the new customizations developed as per the requirement.
  2. Quality - is where the testing performed on the new developed customization.
  3. Production - is where the new customization implemented and available to end-user.

The below diagram represents the three different servers in the system landscape.

System Landscape

All these servers are connected using Transport System and all servers are divided into different clients based on business requirement.

  • Client – is a known system in the network which can be used to access the restricted data from the server.

Let us discuss about the three different servers in system landscape.

Development Server -

Development server is where all new custom developments, configurations and enhancements normally completed. Once the development is completed, the enhanced/developed object will be moved to the Quality Assurance Server. Development Server can have more than one client based on the installations.

  1. Sandbox client – All the system design work done in the sandbox client.
  2. Customizing client – All the customizations work done in customizing client.
  3. Unit test client – All the unit testing on the development in the unit test client.

Quality Assurance Server -

Quality Assurance Server is where the developed objects tested with various testers/users with all possible scenarios. Once the testing completed, the enhanced/developed object will be moved to the Production Server.

Production Server -

The business system where the actual business does. Production Server is where the developed objects integrated and used for business purposes. Any enhanced/developed objects available to the business users/end-users/customers once the objects/project GO LIVE. The production server access is limited to the business users/end-users/customers.