Summary -

In this topic, we described about the Planning process in detail.

Cost center planning involves entering plan figures for costs, activities, prices or statistical key figures for a cost center and a planning period. Cost center planning forms part of the overall business planning process and is required for standard costing.

The standard costing characteristic is values and quantities are planned for specified timeframes, independently of the actual values from previous periods.

Cost center planning objectives –

  • To plan the structure
  • To control business methods
  • To monitor efficiency

Cost center planning covers areas like -

  • Cost Element
  • Primary Cost
  • Secondary Cost
  • Revenue
  • Activity Type
  • Statistical Key Figures

Step-1: To create planner profiles in SAP system, navigate to SPRO → IMG.

Planning Planning

Step-2: To create planner profiles in SAP system, navigate to IMG → Controlling → Cost Center Accounting → Planning → Manual Planning → Define User-Defined Planner Profiles.


Step-3: To create a new profile, click on New Entries.

Planning (OR)

To copy an existing profile, click the Copy As option.


Step-4: In the next window, enter Profile name, Description, and Authorization Group.


Step-5: To save the profile, click the save button at the top.