Summary -

In this topic, we explain about the Extensions Manager in detail with screenshots.

The extension manager is a place where we can see all the avaialable extensions, themes, installed themes and default installed extensions. The extension manager button is present as the second button in the top right corner.

Extensions Manager

Also, we can open the same using the below menu path -

 File -> Extensions Manager...
Extensions Manager

After clicking on the extension manager, a dialogue box is opened like below.

Extensions Manager

The dialogue box consists of four sections. They are -

  • Available
  • Themes
  • Installed
  • Default

Available section -

Bracket editor allows to add the developer customized/own extensions and make them available for public use. So, the developers create their extensions, and they can add to adobe brackets. There are a lot of extensions in the extension manager. The available section consists of the extensions.

Extension Manager -> Available 
Extensions Manager

If required to install an extension, then click on the install button of specific extension. If the extension name known, search for the extension in the search box.

Themes section -

The themes section consists of the themes. To install a specific theme, then click on the install button corresponding to the theme. Someone can know the name of the theme. In that case, search for the theme.

Extension Manager -> Themes 
Extensions Manager

Installed section -

The installed section consists of the already installed extensions and themes.

Extension Manager -> Installed 
Extensions Manager

Default section -

The default section consists of the default extensions and the themes.

Extension Manager -> Default 
Extensions Manager
Tip! Any customized/available Brackets extension/theme from Github can install on the current system by using drag and drop .zip file or Install from URL... options available on the Extensions Manager.
Extensions Manager