Summary -

In this topic, we explain about the below sections -

The other features of the brackets are -

Command-line integration –

By using the command line integration, the adobe brackets are launched. In the windows, right-click on the file or folder and then select the ‘open as Bracket project’ or ‘open with Brackets’ is used to launch the brackets.

Command-line integration

Another way is to open a file or folder with brackets is, select the command prompt and search for the filename with the name brackets. Then the brackets are opened.

Command-line integration

Code Folding –

In Brackets, the code is expanded or collapsed using the triangle indications after the line number or the shortcut keys.

Code Folding

The short keys are -

Ctrl + Alt + [ is used for collapsing the code where the cursor is present.

Code Folding

Ctrl + Alt + ] is used for expanding the code where the cursor is present.

Alt + 1 is used for collapsing all the files.

Code Folding

Alt + Shift + 1 is used for expanding all the files.

Multiple Selections –

Multiple selections are helpful for making similar edits in different places at once. This feature is mainly useful for renaming the variable or insert the same text in various places.

They are many ways for multiple selections and those are -

  • Rectangular/Column selections - Press the Alt key and drag with the mouse to make the rectangular selection.
    Multiple Selections
  • Discontinuous selection - Multiple selections can be possible by holding the Ctrl key and use the mouse to select the different words. In this selection, the word can be from any place in the file. This selection is also called as the primary selection.
    Multiple Selections

Once the multi selection completed, start typing the text. It changes in all the places.

Multiple Selections

Pasting with multiple selections -

Sometimes, there might be a situation of copying some text and pasting it in another position using multiple selections.

However, the copied text pastes as a single text in general cases. To resolve the issue, we need to use the multi-cursor technique.

Place the cursors whereever pasting the content required and paste the content.

Let us understand it with a simple example.

Have a multiple select of the code or text in the editor using the above process and copy them.

Paste with Multiple Selections

Place the multiple cursors(two cursors in this case) in the target place as shown below.

Paste with Multiple Selections

Click on Paste and Save it.

Paste with Multiple Selections
Note! The number of selections should be equal to the number of cursors placed. Otherwise, the results are unpredictable.

Shortcuts -

Shortcut Key Description
Alt + Mouse Drag Create a vertical or rectangular selection.
Ctrl + Mouse Click Creates multiple cursors.
Shift + Alt + Up Adds a cursor on the previous line.
Shift + Alt + Down Adds a cursor on the next line.
Ctrl + Alt + L Splits the selection into lines.
Ctrl + B Add Next Match to Selection
Ctrl + Shift + B Skip and add Next Match.
Alt + F3 Find All and Select.
Ctrl + U/Cmd + U Undo the last selection change
Ctrl + Shift + U/Cmd + Shift + U Redo all selections
Esc Get rid of a multiple selection, leaves only the primary selection selected