Summary -

In this topic, we described about the <abbr> tag along with detailed example.

HTML Reserved Characters must be specified as entities in the HTML document. The characters which are not present in keyboard can also specified with entities.

For Example, If the lessthan(<) and greaterthan(>) needs to be coded in HTML page, the browser will treat lessthan(<) as starting of tag and greaterthan(>) is ending of the tag. So the reserved characters like above should specify as entities.

The basic advantage is Entity name is easy to remember. But all browser may not support entity names. Character entities are mainly used to specify the reserved characters in entities.

Syntax -


Some of the reserved characters in HTML specified below.

CharacterEntity NameEntity NumberDescription
" &quot;&#34;Quotation mark
>&gt;&#62;Greater than

Refer HTML ASCII Codes for full list of entities.

Example -

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>HTML Entities example to display less than..</title>
		<p> A > B. B > C. i.e, A > C </p>

Output -

A > B, B > C. i.e, A > C