Summary -

In this topic, we described about the <abbr> tag along with detailed example.

Selection form control option or datalist option. The <option> tag used to specified option items within a <select> or <datalist> list. <option> elements will be specified inside the <select> or <datalist> element.

The tag can be specified like <option value=""></option> with the option item coded in between the opening and closing tags. The option value for the value attribute can be used by javascripts.

The end tag can be ignored if the <option> or <optgroup> element is immediately followed by another <option> element. In all other cases, end tag is required.

Syntax -


Optional Attributes -

disabledSpecifies the option should be disabledDisabled
labelSpecifies the shorter label for an option.Text.
selectedSpecifies the option pre-selected while page loadsSelected
valueSpecifies the value to be sent Text.

Example -

<!DOCTYPE html>
	<title>Optgroup tag example.. </title>
	Select from list:
		<optgroup label="India">
			<option value=" Andhra pradesh ">Andhra pradesh</option>
			<option value=" Telangana">Telangana</option>
		<optgroup label="US">
			<option value=" California">California</option>
			<option value="new jersy">New jersy</option>

Output -

Select from list -