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In this topic, we described about the tags reference in detail.

TagDescriptionIntroduced in HTML5Depreciated in HTML5
<!--...-->To insert the comments in HTML document
<!DOCTYPE>Supports the browser to display a web page properly
<a> Hypertext anchor (hyperlink) from one page to another
<abbr>Specifies an abbreviation of an element
<acronym>Define an acronymYes
<address>Specifies the contact information for a page or document
<applet>Specifies an embedded java appletYes
<area>Defines an area in an image
<article>Specify the standalone content in HTML documentsYes
<aside>Defines some content aside from the content placed in the HTML documentYes
<audio>Defines sound/music/other audio streams in the HTML documentYes
<b>Used to display the text as bold
<base>Specifies the base location from where the links to made
<basefont>Text family, size and color will be specifiedYes
<bdi>Isolates text from its current environment where bidirectional formatting requiredYes
<bdo>Bi-Directional override element uses <bdo> tag
<bgsound>Used to insert a background audio track in an HTML PageYes
<big>To display the text as big textYes
<blockquote>Used to define a quote section
<body>Contain the actual content area of a webpage structure
<br>Used to break the line of display
<button>Used to represent the button control in an HTML document
<canvas>Used for dynamically creating graphicsYes
<caption>Used to define table captions
<center>Used to align the text to centerYes
<cite>Used to define the title of work
<code>Used to define the computer code
<col>Specifies one or more column in a table
<colgroup>Used to specify the column group in table
<datalist>Used to specify the list of pre-defined options for <input> elementYes
<dd>Used to specify the term/description/name in a description list
<del>Used for editorial deletion
<details>Used to specify additional detailsYes
<dfn>Used to defining instance of a term
<dialog>Used to represent the dialog box or windowYes
<dir>Used to list the directory titlesYes
<div>Used to create block-level elements
<dl>Description list
<dt>Definition term or description list term
<em>Emphasized text
<embed>Embedding an external application or content into the current HTML documentsYes
<fieldset>Grouping related form elements
<figcaption>Defines Caption or legend for <figure> tagYes
<figure>Self-contained content reference as a single unitYes
<font>Text face, size and color will be specifiedYes
<footer>Specifies the footer of the HTML documentYes
<form>A Facility to submit the input data by user
<frame>To define a window in another window or framesetYes
<frameset>Define a FramesetYes
<h1> - <h6>Used to define HTML headings
<head>Container for all Head element
<header>The header of the page or sectionYes
<hr>Horizontal Rule in HTML document
<html>The HTML element can contain the coding for entire html document
<i>Alternate Voice or different quality of text
<iframe>Nested browsing context or inline frame
<img>Used to display images on the pages
<input>Used to represent the input form control
<ins>Editorial Insertion
<kbd>Keyboard Input
<keygen>Generating a key pairYes
<label>Caption or label for the form control in HTML documents
<legend>Used to specify caption for the parent element
<li>Used to represent a list item in HTML document
<link>Used to define link between external resource from HTML document
<main>Tag represents the main content area in HTML documentYes
<map>Used for declaring an image map
<mark>Used to display the text as highlighted textYes
<marquee>Used to scrolling text or image across a defined section of a webpage in a horizontal or vertical directionYes
<menu>Used to specify the list of menu commands in HTML documents
<menuitem>Used to specify the command or menuitem that user can invoke from a popup menuYes
<meta>Represents HTML document metadata
<meter>A scalar measurement of known rangeYes
<nav>Specifies the navigation areaYes
<noframes>Used to specify the fallback message for browsers that do not support framesYes
<noscript>Used if scripting is unsupported or disabled
<object>Embedded object or external object in an HTML documents
<ol>Ordered list in html documents
<optgroup>Used to specify Selection form control option group
<option>Used to specified option items within a <select> or <datalist> list
<output>Displays the Result of the calculation or user actionYes
<param>Passes the parameters to plugin
<pre>Preformatted text in HTML document
<progress>Task completion progressYes
<q>Short quotation in the HTML documents
<rb>Ruby base text in HTML documentsYes
<rp>Ruby fall back text of ruby annotations in HTML documentsYes
<rt>Specifies an explanation or pronunciation of charactersYes
<ruby>Represents ruby annotationYes
<s>Specifies the text is no longer correct, accurate or relevant
<samp>Sample formatting is used to define the computer output
<script>Inserting scripts in the HTML document
<section>Section in the HTML documentsYes
<select>Used to create the drop down lost for user selection
<small>Small text in HTML document
<source>Alternative media resources on media elementsYes
<span>Generic container for text or group inline-elements HTML
<strike>Strike through text in HTML documentYes
<strong>Strong importance text in HTML document
<style>Used to define styles for the HTML document
<sub>Subscript in HTML document
<summary>Used to specify the visible headingYes
<sup>Used to display the text as Superscripted text
<table>Represents a table in an HTML document
<tbody>Group a block of table rows in HTML document
<td>Table data cell in table HTML documents
<template>To declare clone and inserted blocks with JavaScript
<textarea>Multi-line plain text editor control in form of HTML documents
<tfoot>Table footer or table summary in HTML document
<th>Table header or table header cell in HTML document
<thead>Row group consisting of table header columns in HTML document
<time>Date and/or time in HTML documentYes
<title>Defines the title of the document
<tr>Used to specify the row in an HTML <table>
<track>Timed text track for media elementsYes
<tt>Teletype text in HTML documentYes
<u>Unarticulated text/underlined text in HTML document
<ul>Unordered list in HTML document
<var>Defines a variable or Variable formatting in HTML document
<video>Defines video or movie streams in the HTML documentYes
<wbr>Word break in HTML documentYes