Summary -

In this topic, we described about the <link> tag along with detailed example.

<link> tag used to define link between external resource from HTML document. The external resource is mostly style sheet. In other words, <link> tag used to link external style sheets.

The <link> tag will mostly place inside the <head> tag. If the <link> tag coded with itemdrop attribute, then it will be coded outside the <head> tag. HTML document can contain multiple <link> tags.

If any style rule can contain in more than one external style sheet, the rule in last style sheet will be applied to HTML document. <link> tag supports by all kind of browsers.

<link> tag has no ending tag in HTML. All the attributes are optional except href attribute.

Note! <link> tag is an empty tag and contains attributes only.

Syntax -

<link href="">....</link>

Required Attributes -

hrefSpecifies the location of the resource.URL.

Optional Attributes -

relSpecifies the relationship between the current HTML document and the linked document. Required if an itemprop attribute is not used. stylesheet: Specifies linking documents is external stylesheet.
alternate: Specifies the alternative version of the web page.
author: Specifies the author details of the page.
help: Specifies the help to the page.
icon: Specifies an icon to be imported associated with the page.
license: Specifies copyright license for the current document.
next: Indicates that the next page is in a sequence.
prefetch: specifies linked document should be cached.
prev: Indicates that the previous page is in a sequence.
search: A search facility used to search the current and related documents.
typeSpecifies the type of the linked document.Media_type
mediaSpecifies the linked device where the linked documents applied. Media_query such as screen, print, screen and max-width:1000.
hreflangSpecifies the language of the linked target documents.Language code
sizesSpecifies the size(s) of the linked icon.[Height]x[Width]

Example -

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
		<title>Link Tag</title>
		<link href="init.css" rel="stylesheet">
		<link href="print.css" rel="stylesheet" media="print">
		<link href="theme.css" rel="stylesheet" media=" max-width:640">
		<link href="logo.ico" rel="icon" sizes="64x64">
		<link href="/about.htm" rel="author">
		<link href="prev-page.htm" rel="prev">
		<link href="next-page.htm" rel="next">
		<!-- Content of the HTML document -->