Summary -

In this topic, we described about the <noframes> tag along with detailed example.

The <noframes> tag is not supported in HTML5. Fallback message display when the browser do not support <frame> tag. The <noframes> tag used to specify the fallback message for browsers that do not support frames.

The <noframes> tag can be coded along with <frame> tag in the HTML body. The <noframes> element coded only inside the <frameset> element.

Syntax -

<noframes>.. text here.. </noframes>

Example -

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>noframe example</title>
		<frameset cols="20%,20%,25%,*">
		   <frame src="frame1.htm">
		   <frame src="frame2.htm">
		   <frame src="frame3.htm">
		   <frame src="frame4.htm">
		   <noframes>The browser won’t support the frame tag.</noframes>

Output -

The browser won’t support the frame tag.