Summary -

In this topic, we described about the <figure> tag along with detailed example.

The <figure> tag was introduced in HTML 5. Self-contained content reference as a single unit. The <figure> tag used to represent the self-contained content referenced as a single unit.

<figure> tag mostly used when the image had some caption that needs to be displayed along with it. Figure can be image or graphic or video. The tag can be specified like <figure></figure> with the self-contained content nested inside the opening and closing tags.

Syntax -

<figure>.. text here.. </figure>

Example -

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Figcaption tag example.. </title>
			<img src="img/footer-logo.png" alt="" 
			width="100" height="100">
			<figcaption>Fig. – TutorialsCampus Logo.</figcaption>

Output -

Fig. – TutorialsCampus Logo.