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In this topic, we described about the standard report names with detailed description.

REKH0004SAP demo program shows how to do 2D, 3D, and 4D graphics.
RGUGBR00Substitution/Validation utility
RHGEN00Regen PD and PA inconsistencies
RHGRENZ0Program will delete any 1001 info types whose start date is after the delimit date.
RHGRENZ1Extend the end date on delimited records.
RHGRENZ2Delimit IT1001 only.
RKCTSEARSearch source code for up to two strings.
RPDTRA00List all HR transactions.
RPUAUD00HR Report to list all logged changes for an employee.
RPUAUDDLHR Report to delete audit data from the PCL4 Audit Cluster.
RPUDELPNDelete all info for an employee number, including cluster data and info types
RPUP1D00/10View/Delete data from PCL1 Cluster
RPUP2D00/10View/Delete data from PCL2 Cluster
RPUP3D00/10View/Delete data from PCL3 Cluster
RPUP4D00/10View/Delete data from PCL4 Cluster
RSABAPIVMass print/display of ABAP/4 help text
RSAVGL00Table adjustment across clients
RSBDCBTCSubmit a BDC job with an internal batch number and wait for the end of the batch input session.
RSBDCDRUPrints the contents of a Batch Input session
RSBDCOS0Execute UNIX commands.
RSBDCSUBRelease batch input sessions automatically
RSBTCDELClean the old background job records
RSCLTCOPCopy tables across clients
RSDBCREOClean batch input session log
RSINCL00Extended program list
RSNASTEDProcess message control output for entries in the NAST table
RSORARELGet the Oracle Release
RSPARAMDisplay all instance parameters
RSPO0041Removing old spooling objects
RSRSCAN1Search source code and includes.
RSSDOCTBprints a list of all fields in the selected tables with the field name and the field documentation.
RSSNAPDLClean the old ABAP error dumps
RSTBSERVCompare a content of a table between clients
RSTXFCONConverts SAPScript page formats
RSTXSCRPSave a SAPScript layout set to disk, and load it back into SAP.
Transport SAPscript files across systems.
Upload and download SAPScript layout sets.
RSTXTPDF4Pass the spool number to program to have the output converted to PDF format.
RSTXTRANAdd standard texts to a transport so they can be moved between systems.
RSUSR003Check the passwords of users SAP* and DDIC in all clients
RSUSR006List users last login
RSWBO052Change development class of a SAPScript
RSWBO060Put objects into a request and transport it to any other system