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User exits instructs system to access a program during the system processing. User exits allows to add additional functionality to the application program without modifying it.

User exits are commonly used in Sales and Distribution (SD) modules. User exits implemented in the form of subroutines. User exit is a three-digit code and user exits called as FORM Exits.

The three-digit codes like SXX or UXX where XX represents a two-digits number. If a code starts with S letter, it is a standard user exit defined by SAP. If a code starts with U letter, it is a custom user exit defined by a user.

A user exit is intended to make changes when standard SAP program is not capable of fulfilling all the requirements. User exits are subroutines and user exits can upgrade but not reusable.

The actual user exits exist in includes and those are assigned to module pool. The user exits attached to the application program by using INCLUDE statement.

The user exit is implemented as a call to the function module. The naming standard for function module exits is: EXIT_<program name><3 digit-suffix>.

The call to a function module exit is implemented as: CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION <3 digit-suffix>. All user exits start with the word USEREXIT_...


User Exits Description
USEREXIT_FIELD_MODIFICATION Used to modify screen attributes.
USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENTUsed to perform operations when the user hits Save.
USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT_PREPAREUsed to check input fields or show a popup to users and to confirm the document.
USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBAKUsed when header changes are moved to header work area.
USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBAPUsed when item changes are moved to SAP item work area.

Example -

Simple example to create enhancement in the user exit.

To add enhancement to the existing user exit. Let's take an user exit MV45AFZZ to add enhancement.

To access user exist in sales, go to IMG using this path: IMG Sales and Distribution System Modifications User Exits.

Step-1: To open IMG, go to SPRO.

Create userexit

Step-2: Click on SAP Reference IMG.

Create userexit

Step-3: Click on 'User exits on Sales' documentation to get the user exits information.

Create userexit

Step-4: Let us take MV45AFZZ as an user exits to enhance. Go to SE38 and click on display button.

Create userexit

Step-5: Click on enhance button to open the module to in edit mode first. Right click on Double Quote (") and click on Enhancement operations Create Implementation.

Create userexit

Step-6: Click on Code button below.

Create userexit

Step-7: Click on New enhancement.

Create userexit

Enter the new enhancement name, short text and click on Continue mark.

Create userexit

Step-8: Enter the package information and click on local object to create enhancement like below.

Create userexit

Step-9: New enhancement opens like below. Complete the code changes in between ENHANCEMENT and ENDENHANCEMENT.

Create userexit

Step-10: Save and activate. Execute the user exit, output displays with the new changes.