Summary -

In this topic, we described about the system fields names with detailed description.

System Field Description
ABCDE Constant: Alphabet (A,B,C,…)
APPLI SAP applications
BATCH Background active (X)
BATZD Background SUBMIT: Daily
BATZM Background SUBMIT: Monthly
BATZO Background SUBMIT: Once
BATZS Background SUBMIT: Immediately
BATZW Background SUBMIT: Weekly
BINPT Batch input active (X)
BREP4 Background SUBMIT: Root name of request report
BSPLD Background SUBMIT: List output to spool
CALLD CALL mode active (X)
CALLR Print: ID for print dialog function
CCURS Rate specification/result field (CURRENCY CONVERT)
CCURT Table rate from currency conversion
CDATE Date of rate from currency conversion
COLNO Current column during list creation
CPAGE Current page number
CPROG Runtime: Main program
CTABL Exchange rate table from currency conversion
CTYPE Exchange rate type ‘M’,’B’,’G’ from CURRENCY CONVERSION
CUCOL Cursor position (column)
CUROW Cursor position (line)
DATAR Flag: Data received
DATLO This SAP system field will display Local date for user
DATUM System: Date
DATUT Global date related to UTC (GMT)
DAYST Summer time active (‘daylight saving time’)
DBCNT Number of elements in edited dataset with DB operations
DBNAM Logical database for ABAP/4 program
DBSYS System: Database system
DCSYS System: Dialog system
DSNAM Runtime: Name of dataset for spool output
DYNGR This SAP system field will display current Screen group
DYNNR Number of current screen
FDAYW Factory calendar weekday
FDPOS Location of a string
FMKEY Current function code menu
INDEX Number of loop passes
LANGU SAP logon language key
LDBPG Program: ABAP/4 database program for SY-DBNAM
LILLI Number of current list line
LINCT Number of list lines
LINNO Current line for list creation
LINSZ Line size of list
LISEL Interact.: Selected line * contents of the selected line
LISTI Number of current list line * SY-LISTI is the index of the previous list
LOCDB Local database exists
LOCOP Local database operation
LOOPC Number of LOOP lines at screen step loop
LSIND Number of secondary list * SY-LSIND is the index of the current list
LSTAT Interact.: Status information for each list level
MACDB Program: Name of file for match code access
MACOL Number of columns from SET MARGIN
MANDT Client number from SAP logon
MARKY Current line character for MARK
MAROW No. of lines from SET MARGIN statement
MODNO Number of alternative mode
MSGID Message ID
MSGLI Interact.: Message line
MSGNO Message number
MSGTY Message type
MSGV1 Message variable
MSGV2 Message variable
MSGV3 Message variable
MSGV4 Message variable
OPSYS This SAP system field will display
PAART Print: Format
PAGCT Page size of list from REPORT statement
PAGNO Runtime: Current page in list
PDEST Print: Output device
PEXPI Print: Spool retention period
PFKEY Runtime: Current F key status
PLIST Print: Name of spool request (list name)
PRABT Print: Department on cover sheet
PRBIG Print: Selection cover sheet
PRCOP Print: Number of copies
PRDSN Print: Name of spool dataset
PREFX ABAP/4 prefix for background jobs
PRIMM Print: Print immediately
PRNEW Print: New spool request (list)
PRREC Print: Recipient
PRREL Print: Delete after printing
PRTXT Print: Text for cover sheet
REPID Program: Name of ABAP/4 program
RTITL Print: Report title of program to be printed
SAPRL System: SAP Release
SCOLS Columns on screen
SLSET Name of selection set
SPONO Runtime: Spool number for list output
SPONR Runtime: Spool number from TRANSFER statement
SROWS Lines on screen
STACO Interact.: List displayed from column
STARO Interact.: Page displayed from line
STEPL Number of LOOP line at screen step
SUBRC Return value after specific ABAP/4 statements
SUBTY ABAP/4: Call type for SUBMIT
SYSID System: SAP System ID
TABIX Runtime: Current line of an internal table
TCODE Session: Current transaction code
TFDSN Runtime: Dataset for data extracts
TFILL Current number of entries in internal table
TIMLO Local time for user
TIMUT Global time related to UTC (GMT)
TITLE Title of ABAP/4 program
TLENG Line width of an internal table
TMAXL Maximum number of entries in internal table
TNAME Name of internal table after an access
TOCCU OCCURS parameter with internal tables
TPAGI Flag indicating roll-out of internal table to paging area
TSTLO Timestamp (date and time) for user
TSTUT Timestamp (date and time) related to UTC (GMT)
TTABC Number of line last read in an internal table
TTABI Offset of internal table in roll area
TVAR0 Runtime: Text variable for ABAP/4 text elements
TVAR1 Runtime: Text variable for ABAP/4 text elements
TVAR2 Runtime: Text variable for ABAP/4 text elements
TVAR3 Runtime: Text variable for ABAP/4 text elements
TVAR4 Runtime: Text variable for ABAP/4 text elements
TVAR5 Runtime: Text variable for ABAP/4 text elements
TVAR6 Runtime: Text variable for ABAP/4 text elements
TVAR7 Runtime: Text variable for ABAP/4 text elements
TVAR8 Runtime: Text variable for ABAP/4 text elements
TVAR9 Runtime: Text variable for ABAP/4 text elements
TZONE Time difference from ‘Greenwich Mean Time’ (UTC) in seconds
UCOMM Interact.: Command field function entry
ULINE Constant: Underline (———…)
UNAME Session: SAP user from SAP logon
UZEIT System: Time
VLINE Constant: Vertical bar
WAERS T001: Company code currency after reading B segment
WILLI Number of current window line
WINCO Cursor position in window (column)
WINDI Index of current window line
WINRO Cursor position in window (line)
WINSL Interact.: Selected window line
WINX1 Window coordinate (column left)
WINX2 Window coordinate (column right)
WINY1 Window coordinate (line left)
WINY2 Window coordinate (line right)
WTITL Standard page header indicator
XCODE Extended command field
ZONLO Time zone of user