Summary -

In this topic, we described about the below sections -

Web Dynpro for ABAP is the SAP standard user interface technology for developing Web applications in the ABAP environment. It consists of a runtime and graphical development environment with special Web Dynpro tools. Web Dynpro tools are integrated in the ABAP Workbench (SE80).

Web Dynpro uses ABAP as a programming language. It uses ABAP stack to execute the Web Dynpro ABAP objects.

Web dynpro for ABAP supports ALV, select-options etc,. ABAP Web dynpro is not highly developed language.

Architecture -

Web dynpro is based on MVC(Model-veiw-controller) architecture and the architecture shown below –

Model -

Models are the objects that can communicate with database. i.e. the objects contain business logic statements to read data from database or write data into database. It defines an interface between the system and web dynpro application. The models can be developed in any form of Function Modules, BAPIs, Classes etc.

View -

View is a screen or view or page displayed in browser. View is responsible for displaying the data in the browser.

Controller -

Controller is an interface between model and the view. Controller is responsible for taking the input/request from screen and sends it to the model. The model communicates to the database with the request and gives back the result to controller. Controller sends the result to the screen.

Advantages -

  • Declarative and graphical tools reduces the implementation effort.
  • Supports a structured design process.
  • Separates layout and business data.
  • Reuse and better maintainability by using components.
  • The layout and navigation can change easily.
  • Automatic data transport using data binding.
  • Automatic input check.
  • Supports User interface accessibility.
  • Full integration in the ABAP development environment.
  • Supports stateful applications.