Summary -

In this topic, we described about the Hold G/L Document Posting process along with technical information.

A clerk can temporarily save the G/L document in the below scenarios.

  • G/L Document is not complete.
  • User does not have complete or accurate information.
  • User wants to complete or correct the document at a later stage.

Temporarily saving G/L document is called as Hold G/L document posting.

Hold G/L Document Posting: -

Below process is to hold a g/l document posting.

Step-1: Click on SAP Menu → Accounting → Financial Accounting → General Ledgers → Posting → FB50 – Enter G/L Account Document.

Hold G/L Document Posting


Step-1: Enter the transaction code FB50 in the SAP command field and click Enter to continue.

Hold G/L Document Posting

Step-2: Enter the Company code and click on right mark.

Hold G/L Document Posting

Step-3: In the next screen, Enter the below details.

  • Document Date.
  • G/L Account to be Credited.
  • Credit Amount.
  • G/L Account to be Debited.
  • Debit Amount.
Hold G/L Document Posting

Step-4: Click on Enter and then check the status of the document.

Hold G/L Document Posting

Step-5: Once the details are entered, click on Hold button.

Hold G/L Document Posting

Note! There is possibility that the below error occurs -

"Held documents must be converted; read long text".
To resolve the error, Execute the program RFTMPBLU in SE38 to convert all the held documents.

Hold G/L Document Posting

Once the held documents converted successfully, click on Hold button again.

Step-6: In the next screen, enter the Temporary Document Number and press Hold Document.

Hold G/L Document Posting

Step-7: Status bar displays the document number like below once the document held successfully.

Hold G/L Document Posting

Technical Information: -

  • Transaction Code: - FB50
  • Navigation path: - SAP Menu → Accounting → Financial Accounting → General Ledgers → Posting → FB50 – Enter G/L Account Document