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Month-end closing includes all activities involved in closing a posting period. Below activities can carry out as part of month-end closing -

  • Open and close posting periods
  • Create external reports
  • Document the posting data
  • Perform internal evaluations such as extracts for downstream applications
  • Reorganize and archive documents

Month End Closing: -

Below process is to generate the G/L accounts list report for the given company code.

Step-1: Enter the transaction code F.05 in the SAP command field and click Enter to continue.

Month End Closing

Step-2: In the next screen, enter the below details.

  • Company Code for which Foreign Currency Valuation is to be carried out
  • Evaluation Key Date
  • Valuation Method for Exchange Rate Consideration
  • Valuation in Currency Type
Month End Closing

Step-3: In the same screen, fill the required details in Open Items tab.

Month End Closing

Step-4: Click on Execute to open a list of G/L accounts selected for foreign currency evaluation.

Month End Closing

Step-5: In the next screen, it generates G/L accounts list for foreign currency evaluation.

Technical Information: -

  • Transaction Code: - F.05
  • Navigation path: - n/a