Summary -

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Once the amount is paid by the customer, incoming payment needs to be posted.

Process: -

Below process is to post an incoming payment for the customer.

Step-1: Enter the transaction code F-28 in the SAP command field and click Enter to continue.

Post Incoming Payment (OR)

From SAP easy access menu, go to Accounting → Finance Accounting → Accounts Receivable → Document Entry → Incoming Payments .

Post Incoming Payment

Step-2: In the next screen, enter the below details.

  • Document Date
  • Company Code
  • Currency/Rate (Payment Currency)
  • Bank Data – Account (Cash/Bank Account the Payment is to be posted)
  • Amount (Payment Amount)
  • Account (Customer Id of the customer)
Post Incoming Payment

Step-3: Click on Process Open Items button to display the list of Pending Invoice.

Post Incoming Payment

Step-4: Assign the Payment Amount to Appropriate Invoice with the Invoice Amount.

Post Incoming Payment

Step-5: Once all the details entered, click on the Save button to save the changes.

Post Incoming Payment

Step-6: Status bar displays the generated document number once the incoming payment posted successfully.

Technical Information: -

  • Transaction Code: - F-28
  • Navigation path: - SAP Menu → Accounting → Finance Accounting → Accounts Receivable → Document Entry → F-28 – Incoming Payments