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In this topic, we described about the Consignment Return process along with technical information.

The process of customer returning the product due to damage, poor quality, expiry is called as consignment return (CONR). Customer can return Consignment product which is issued to customer by Consignment issue process. Order, Delivery, Invoices and return credit takes place in consignment Return process.

Consignment return (CONR) returns materials from customer ownership to customer consignment. At this point of time, company has consignment return order, consignment return delivery and a consignment return invoice. Sales order type for consignment issue is – KA.

Below process is to create consignment return for sold-to party 100227 –

Step-1: Enter the transaction code VA01 in the SAP command field and click Enter to continue.

Consignment Return


Navigate to SAP Menu → Logistics → Sales and Distribution → Sales → Order → VA01 - Create

Consignment Return

Step-2: Enter the below details and Click on Enter.

  • Order Type - Select the order type as Consignment Return (CONR) from the list
  • Sales Organization - Select the sales organization
  • Distribution Channel - Select the distribution channel in the Sales Organization
  • Division - Select the division from the list
  • Sales Office - Select the sales office from the list
  • Sales Group - Select the sales group from the list
Consignment Return

Step-3: In the next screen, Enter the below details and click on Enter.

  • Sold-To party / Ship-to Party - Enter the party details
  • PO Number - Specify Purchase Order number if any
  • PO Date - Specify the required PO date
  • Order reason - Enter the Order Reason for the return
  • Material - Enter the Material number
  • Order Quantity - Specify the products quantity
Consignment Return

Step-4: Once all the details entered, click on Save button to save the details.

Consignment Return

Step-5: Status bar displays the below message once the consignment return created successfully.

Consignment Return

Technical details: -

  • Transaction: VA01
  • Menu Path: SAP Menu → Logistics → Sales and Distribution → Sales → Order → VA01 - Create