Summary -

In this topic, we described about the Create Material Stock process along with technical information.

Material opening balance is required to make available the material for selling to the customer. So, the available material stock needs to be updated as opening balance.

There are two ways to create the Material stock.

  1. MB1C - Other Goods Receipts
  2. MIGO – Issue/Transfer/Receipt of Material

Create Material Stock: -

Below process is to create the material stock –

Step-1: Enter the transaction code MB1C in the SAP command field and click Enter to continue.

Create Material Stock

Step-2: Enter the below details and click on Enter.

  • Movement Type - Select the movement type from the list.
  • Plant - Select the plant from the list.
  • Storage Location - Specify the storage location from the list.
Create Material Stock

Step-3: Enter the below details and click on Enter.

  • Material code - Enter the material code which you want to make as opening balance.
  • Quantity - Select the quantity of the material.
Create Material Stock

Step-4: Once all the details entered, click on Save button to save the details.

Create Material Stock

Step-5: Status bar displays the below message once the material stock posted successfully.

Create Material Stock

Technical details: -

  • Transaction: MB1C
  • Menu Path: n/a